고주연은 서울을 거점으로 활동하는 아티스트입니다.

작은 단위를 사용하여 그림을 그립니다.

가느다란 실과 픽셀을 엮어가며 만들어낸 그림이 세상 속 빈 곳을 채워드릴 수 있기를 바랍니다.

Jooyeon Koh is Artist based in Seoul, Korea.

I work on a project called the Charade Show.

Using the joke that cats save the Earth, I explore the unknown world we may not know. Through Charade Show, I tell stories about beings that contain small possibilities. With the desire to break the boundaries between reality and fantasy, I hope to offer a different perspective on the world, away from the ordinary.

I create artwork using small units. By intertwining thin threads and pixels, I aim to fill the empty spaces in the world.